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Astana Museums

Museums in Astana are not of international level, but their collections perfectly describe the history and the present Kazakhstan, its culture and society. Not so many museums are in the city, only three major ones should be singled out, and several ones that are dedicated to the history of the city and to the outstanding personalities of the capital.

One of the largest museums in Astana is located in the Presidential Center of Culture. Its collection includes nearly 150 thousand items that telling about the past and present of the Kazakh people. The museum of the First President of Kazakhstan contains an interesting collection of gifts presented to the head of state in various international meetings. Besides, there have been gathered a great number of the exhibits that relate to the biography of President Nursultan Nazarbayev.

Museum of Modern Art takes not the least place in the hierarchy of the capital's museums. The collection consists of works of painters who live in the former Soviet Union.

These museums and many others continue gathering new items all the time. Every year their collections are getting richer with new artworks and archaeological items. The museums and thier work help to know much better this amazing country.

Museums list: