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Astana apart from futuristic architectural landmarks has a lot of places for relax and funny leisure. It has Shopping and Entertainment centers, parks, clubs and restaurants. And if parks with trade centers are frequently quite similar, than each restaurant and club differs from each other. Each of them has its own theme, decoration of the interior, cuisine, and, of course, the pricing policy
Locating practically in the center of Eurasia, Astana became the place of mixture of eastern and western cultures. In this city you can see the buildings both of traditional Kazakh, Asian architecture and the modern buildings of European style. The same is concerned to the restaurants: some of them resemble old European castles, other – eastern palaces, an also there are restaurants in the style of XIX and XX centuries.
Also, Astana restaurants differ in the cuisine: some restaurants offer the Kazakh national cuisine, others – European, third restaurants can offer Asian cuisine, in which the Japanese cooking is prevalent. In addition, some restaurants can offer the extended menu, which will include many dishes of the world. It is worth to note that some restaurants can boast the perfect wine card, or wide range of taps of beer.
According to prices the major part of them is on the middle level. Though you can find the restaurant with rather low prices, in correlation with the high level of service and quality of dishes.
Astana restaurants will give you opportunity to get acquainted with the real cuisine of many nations of Asia, and also to see the view of restaurateur on European cuisine. And the comfort and the coziness of restaurants of the capital will make the dinner or business meeting the real feast.

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