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Restaurant "Tre Kronor"

Restaurant Tre Kronor, Astana

Not everyone knows that some time ago Tre Kronor was the main defensive castle of Stockholm in Sweden and the adobe of many Scandinavian kings. But today it is the big beer restaurant in Astana too. “Tre Kronor” is translated as three crowns. In this restaurant the crowns are perfect beer, live music and Swedish cuisine, which any other venue can hardly boast.
The restaurant “Tre Kronor” was opened rather recently, in 2007. It quickly met the recognition of residents and quests of the capital and began growing. Step by step it has grown up to the real palace: today restaurant has two VIP halls, several simple halls, open-air terrace, and also nightclub “Portfolio” is opened under this restaurant.
As it was already mentioned, the menu consists of Swedish dishes. The wine card of the restaurant can boast rather wide range of Kazakh and foreign wines, and wide choice of beers will be the good base for tasting. In addition in the menu of restaurant there is the menu for children. The presence of Wi-Fi, equipment for broadcasting of football matches also can be referred to advantages of this restaurant.
The design of the restaurant “Tre Kronor” is respective: austere forms, columns, furniture, details of interior can be referred for sure to the medieval west European culture. The soft lighting of halls, successful combination of light and dark colors create the atmosphere of harmony and grant to visitors the coziness and comfort in halls of the restaurant. Whatever reason for visiting Tre Kronor one can have, after visiting it, he will desire to come here and over again.

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