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Restaurant "Izumi Tay"

Restaurant Izumi Tay, Astana

The Japanese culture is one of the most interesting cultures in the world. Their mysterious mentality, which at times is beyond the understanding of European man, excites and attracts. Japan introduced the world to such things as samurai code and robot technology, origami and bonsai, anime and manga, and, certainly, to Japanese cuisine.
The Japanese cuisine is known around the world due to its simplicity, healthiness and some extravagancy. Consisting mainly of seafood, which contain the iodine, phosphor and other microelements, the Japanese food gives the power to men and the beauty to women. Perhaps, that is why it is so popular in the world.
In Astana one of the best restaurants of Japanese food is “Izume Tay”, the name of which is translated from Japanese as “rock-fish”. It was opened on the territory of the complex Satti in 2005, and became the embodiment of real Japanese house in the capital of Kazakhstan. Everything here resembles Japan: walls and furniture, music and staff. And even entering the restaurant, you involuntary begin behave yourself within the frames of Japanese etiquette. The chief cook prepares sushi, sashimi and other dishes, putting his whole soul, and often improvises, creating culinary masterpieces.
It is worth to note, that the restaurant “Izumi Tay” will be good either for romantic dinner or for business meetings and banquets. The presence of Wi-Fi will be pleasant for owners of laptops and smart phones. In the restaurant “Izumi Tay” everything is made so that the visitor could relax from urban fuss and find the harmony.

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